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Banashankari Home to Man 400000 Years Ago?

The city of Bangalore has a history longer than expected as new stone-age implements discovered by archaeologists show that man wandered in the area 400,000 years ago.

Dr K B Shivatarak, retired professor of ancient history and archaeology, Mangalore Universitiy told TOI that he has unearthed the earliest pre-historic evidence in Bangalore that can be traced to stone-age man.

“The discovery confirms man’s existence in this area during the Stone Age,” he told the media showing the implements discovered in May this year from a place near Kadirenahalli underpass at Bendrenagar, Banashankari II Stage. The inputs were found accidentally when BWSSB was digging a road to fix a water leakage.

Since he lived nearby, he observed the stones out of professional curiosity and realized that they resemble similar implements he had collected earlier from Tumakuru, Mandya and Chitradurga districts where he was conducting archaelogical research long ago.

The implements collected from Banashankari include a hand-axe, scraper, flat leaf-shaped stone, hammer stone and a miniature hand axe made of quartzite and quartz. They measured 7 to 11cm long and 4 to 7cm width.

However, other Banglore never had any archaeological traces of stone age implements and the nearest area where they were found in the past was in Kibbanahalli in Tumkur district.

Shivatarak, however, said the implements belonged to paleolithic man who used them in hunting animals and peeling off the skin before eating. The archaeology department is yet to examine the implements and determine their veracity, said the report.

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