Bengaluru AC Buses Get WiFi Now

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has decided to equip over 200 AC buses with WiFi after a pilot on 10 buses recently running on the International Airport routes, Hebbal- Silk Board and Chikkabanavara-Majestic routes. “The contractor started a trial run on ten buses and informed us that the service would be provided in remaining 190 AC buses in a ...

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Comptel Opens Office in Bangalore

comptel bangalore operations

Comptel Corporation has announced the opening of a new office in Bangalore, India. The office will be an extension to Comptel India’s Noida Global Delivery Centre and will provide specific competencies related to the company’s Digital Service Life Cycle Management (DSLM) proposition and its FlowOne Service Orchestration solution. Designing a service infrastructure capable of delivering dynamic digital services to today’s ...

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Bosch India Brings the Connected Vehicle

bosch india expo

Imagine a single technology that can reduce a vehicle’s fuel consumption, foresee when maintenance is needed, and display everything on the car owner’s smartphone. Bosch has developed a comprehensive connectivity platform solution which can do all that – a solution, moreover, that is tailored to the Indian market. In line with its ‘in the region-for-the-region’ strategy, Bosch presented its Intelligent ...

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Manu Prakash Lab develops Water Computer Based on Fluid Dynamics

Manu Prakash, Jim Cybulski, Georgios Katsikis

Standford University scientist Manu Prakash and his team of students have developed a computer that can operate using the fundamental physics principle of moving water droplets generate energy, which may heral new class of computers altogether based on manipulating water droplets for energy. Ever since he was a graduate student, Prakash tossed with the idea of ussing little droplets as ...

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