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Karnataka Police to Scan Students’ Mobiles to Track Source of Leaked Question Paper 2nd Time

While students of Karnatka taking the PU Board Exam are up in arms over the leak of Chemistry question paper first, the scheduled re-test on March 31 too was cancelled when the re-test paper was also leaked on Whatsapp. So, the exam will be held after the PU Board prepares another question paper. While this is not the first time a question paper was leaked in Karnataka, the fact that the re-test paper too was leaked is something that has made the board shocked.

WhatsApp has become the quickest means of circulating leaked papers of late but the state CID sleuths are hoping that it would also make it easier for them to pinpoint and trace the original culprit. Once the exams are over, they wish to carry out a ‘reverse probe’ to reach the main culprits.

"Many students have voluntarily come to us and shared information about which phone numbers they received the leaked questions on WhatsApp," deputy inspector general, CID, Sonia Narang, told Bangalore Mirror. "They have also shared from whom they have received the questions. So it will be key for us to question the students. As we have many students’ phone numbers from which WhatsApp messages were forwarded, it will be a way to reach the main source as it works like a chain. I am sure we will reach the main source soon."

The CID team is eyeing some taluk head-quarters and some insiders in the education department, while overenthusiastic coaching centres too were under scan in the probe. The question papers printed, dispatched, received and distributed at the 1,032 examination centres in the state on March 21 and one of them must have been opened, taken a photo and re-sealed. They are usually kept at the treasury office until the exam commences.

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