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Pure Veg Restaurant Serves Pure Chicken Biryani to Jain Family

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A Jain family went to a pure vegetarian restaurant in Bangalore on Sunday and were served so-called paneer and mushroom, which turned out to be pure chicken legs.

The Jain family sought a printed bill from the restaurant which apologised and refused to provide the bill saying the charges are waived off. Shocked Jain family complained with the Upperpet Police and a case was booked against the hotel management.

The Jain family said many people in the vicinity were aware of the chicken biryani being served regularly at the hotel though it claims to be a pure vegetarian restaurant. “When we enquired with the waiter, he convinced us that it was basically ‘paneer’ and mushroom. This made some of us start eating,” said Hemant Khinswara, one of the Jain family member.

Known as Rangoli Veg Pure Multi-Cuisine Restaurant in Gandhinagar, the Jain family of 25 entered the restaurant on Sunday night at 9.30pm. "We were occupying two tables, with one consisting of women and children. We ordered jeera rice and veg biryani. The women and the children noticed some big pieces in the biryani but assumed them to be mushroom or paneer. Later, the elders realized it was chicken biryani," said Hemant.

When the family women found big pieces of chicken in vegetarian biryani, they demanded the chef to be called but the chef and the other kitchen employees reportedly escaped through the back door.

"We then called the control room and police arrived. It was only then that the waiters told us that they had accidentally served us a wrong order, meant to be for another customer staying in the hotel," said another family member Ashwin Semlani, who was with Hemant.

Only the waiters and security guards greeted the police, who had registered a non-cognisable offence against the restaurant owners and assured Jains that the owners will be issued a warning. "We are consulting other vegetarian communities before moving the consumer court," said Semlani, who is also a member of Jain Foundation in Bangalore.

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