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Top Travel Spots of 2-Hour Duration From Bangalore

If you are in Bangalore, the IT capital of India with beatiful weather and greenery, then it is ideal to hit some places within two hours duration from the hub of the city. Especially for those who wish to spend their weekends around Bangalore, here are some top tourist spots which can be reached by road within two hours of duration.

These are the early morning destinations one can plan to visit anyday without waiting for the weekends or holidays. Just wake up at 5 AM and rent a car or book a taxi and head to these destinatiions which you can reach before 7 AM and spend an hour or two and head back to Bangalore for breakfast at 10 AM. Here they are:


Turahalli Forest Viewpoint:

Turahalli Forest Viewpoint off Kanakapura road is a small rocky area off NICE road, 13 km from Banashankari in Bangalore. Once you are on Kanakapura road, cross the NICE underpass and take a right turn at Vajrahalli road junction. Since the path to the Viewpoint is narrow, you may have to park your vehicles one km behind and walk up to the hills. Remember to ask people on the road for directions as Google Map is not perfect about the spot.

Big Banyan Tree:

Called Dodda Alada Mara in Kannada, the spot is known for 400-year-old banyan tree with thousands of areal roots and spread over 3 acres with beautiful paths carved and a temple nearby. It is one of the popular picnic spots in the area but visitors will not be allowed to climb the tree or damage the tree. To reach, you should go on Mysore Road, 30 km from Bangalore and take a right turn at Kumbalgod Junction near Rajarajsehswari Engineering College. It is one KM from there inside. You get tender coconut water on the way to the tree and beware of the monkey if you are carrying any food openly.

Manchanabele Dam:

Going few kilometres ahead from Big Banyan Tree, driving towards Chandrappa circle, you will reach the Manchanabele Dam on Arvati river, which is a small irrigation dam, which can be seen from atop the nearby hills. It is also a spot for adventure sports, water sports and several Bangalore-based adventure groups hold camps in the vicinity. Howver, tourists are restrained from going nearer to the water due to some suicides here recently.

Trimoorthy temple & Pyramid Valley:

Trimoorthy Temple is located just after you cross the famous Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Art of Living campus, on the left with three giant idols of Lord Ganapathi, Lord Hanuman and Lord Krishna. Remember that they are not Trinity of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram but three most important and beloved Gods in Hinduism. The temple has a small garden inside. Few metres away from the temple, you find the Pyramid Valley, which is an international meditation centre, called Maitreya or Buddha Pyramid, which shaped in a pyramid structure and believed to be the world’s largest meditation centre. Built at 100-ft height, the structure stands tall and on its outer surface, you can find murals depictions of nature on about 40,000 tiles. The structure’s North depicts air, south the fire, east depicts water and west represents earth. with the centre denoting the King’s Chamber at a high pedestal. The Pyramid gives an aura of peace that is essential for meditation. Visitors are allowed to meditate fo r20 minutes minimum. With paintings and art work of Buddha, the inside of the structure is not allowed for photographers.

Kanva Dam:

Kanva Dam in Ramanagara, 70 km from Bangalore, is about 8 km off Bangalore-Mysore Highway. Kanva dam is a very small sized dam but the Kanva Reservoir is hardly filled with water giving scope for bike riders and tourists move nearer to the waterbody and take snaps. Those in vehicles should be cautious as tyres often get stuck in the sand. The Kanva river joins the Kaveri vis Shimsa river. Three km from there is the Purushottama Theertha Cave temple, a pilgrimage cetre for Madhva Brahmins. If you are a Bollywood lover, especially of Sholay rocks and fighting scenes, then venture into nearby places of Ramanagar.


Hidden somewhere in the south of Bannerghatta National Park, the secret lake of Thattekere, as the name suggests is a hidden lake that looks like a thatte or plate in Kannada. The lake is in circular shape reflecting a plate. A small temple of Mahadeeshwara is another spot. More than the lake, the bird-lovers will enjoy the place as watch towers nearby provide a glimpse at numerous bird species. Bird watchers walk a km in the morning to reach Thattekere lake to watch Lapwings, Bee Eaters, Kites, Storks and Kingfishers. Also capture beautiful sunrise from here in your camera. Since it is near Bannerghatta National Park, watch for fencing to block elephants in the area.

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta:

About 75 kms from Bangalore on Kanakapura road towards Bilikal Rangaswamy betta will take you on a hilly ride to the temple of Lord Ranganatha Swamy, located underneath a huge, white coloured rock. The nearby hills provide a foggy scenario in the early mornings. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is a Reserve Forest and also a grazing ground for animals, elephants and cows with thick vegetation during the monsoon. It is a good spot for trekking but you need to take permission before hitting inside the Bilikal Betta.


Nandi Hills:

Located 60 km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills opens at 6 AM and it is a popular hangout for Bangaloreans during the weekends. With gardens nearby, the place has a temple and is also known for something called Tippu’s drop, from where those who betray the kingdom were used to be thrown off to certain death due to sharp rocks and high altitude. More than that, the place is good for bird-watchers in the morning. Those who know Mysore’s legendary engineer M. Vishveshwaraiah can drive down inside to his village Muddenahalli, where a small museum is opened in his ancestral home.


If you have slightly more time, then move further towards Hindupur on beatiful highway crossing the border into Andhra Pradesh. Located 125-km from Bangalore, Lepakshi, is an ancient capital of Rayala rulers after they fled Hampi. The popular Veerabadhra temple is known for its welcoming giant-sized Nandi, on whose replica the state give away Nandi Awards to Telugu films. The legend goes that Lord Rama had seen an injured bird here and asked it to get up here. In Telugu Le means get up and Pakshi means bird. Later, the place became the capital of Vijayanagar rulers and the main attraction is the single granite stone of Nandi measuring 4.5 metres in height and huge. It is said that in Kali Yuga, the Nandi statue will come to life and roar to frighten the wrong-doers. Painted with natural pigments, the temple walls portray the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. In the vicinity, you will find smaller temples of Ganesha, Shiva among others.

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