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Will Uber Ever Wake up to its Creepy Drivers?

Despite several complaints, Uber never realises that it has some sick and saddist drivers on board and they turn into monsters in the night at the sight of a single woman travelling whether from home to elsewhere or from the office to home.

Bangalore was able to take all tech companies on board ever since Pratibha Bharti’s murder case in 2005 and now the individual commuters, especially women employees are the latest victims of unruly Uber cab drivers. Not that Ola is safe, all of them are two sides of the same coin.

The womn techie took Uber cab on March 22 at 7.30 pm at HSR Layout, Sector 7 and travelled to her destination but at the Silk Board signal, the driver tried to touch her and began to indulge in conversations. When reached her destination at 8.15pm, the techie confronted him and her brother alerted Uber office and the police on social media.

"Soon after my sister boarded from HSR Layout sector 7, the accused driver stopped the car multiple times in the slow moving traffic. While waiting at the Silk Board signal, the driver started to touch himself while the car was stationary, and continued the lewd gesture until she reached home," he wrote.

The techie woman posted on Twitter about the traumatic experience: "@Uber_BLR – Harassment on roads. You have creepy drivers on board. It is a tough life out there for women. I am sickened.”

In July 2015, similar incident involving Uber cab driver led to his dismissal. Will Uber wake up and re-train its drivers and make them not to be creepy and behave themselves. Otherwise, it has to pay heavy damage over its declining brand trust among Bangaloreans.

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